Switching techniques

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HI everyone. Thanks 2 all for ur continous support. I'd like to be given a detail information about the various kind of swicthing techniques available i.e the circuit, message and packet switching techniques. I dont seam to really get the gist here. Thank you all.


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    Here is a rundown on switching methods-

    Packet switching - Ethernet is a Packet switched network, also Frame relay, X.25, as the name implies, it is the switching of packets.

    Message switching - This is another name for store-and-forward method used on a layer 2 switch, the switchport recieves the entire frame, holds it in its buffer, and forwards the frame to the destination.

    Circuit switching - ISDN and POTS use this swithing method, circuits are established, torn down, established, etc

    Cell switching - This is ATM, ATM uses cells instead of frames.

    Note that I highlighted message switching, this is a term that descibes the physical operation of a LAN (perhaps a wan switch, not sure)device, where as the rest describe a logical operation of a WAN connection type.
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