Nailed it!

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I passed the Linux+/LPIC 1!

What I used to pass:
CBTnuggets (Watched the videos twice for LX0-101 - but only watched a few for LX0-102)
Testout (Watched 50-75% of the videos for LX0-101 - but went through all the labs/videos/tests for LX0-102)
I took 3 or 4 practice tests for both tests that came with Testout.
And I read some of the Comptia Linux+ Complete Study Guide - Roderick W. Smith for the LX0-101. Didnt read any for LX0-102.
I have a couple of years of experience playing around with Linux servers.
I only had a week or so to study for the LX0-102 (crammed).

I thought for sure that I failed the second test while going through it - but I was pleasantly surprised to see a passing score (it was even better than my first test! -Kinda weird.)

I have a free Measure Up certification LX0-102 practice test code that can be used to unlock a 30 day access to a practice test. I wasn't super impressed with the LX0-101 version of it - so I didn't unlock the second test. I would have though if I had time. Instant message me if you want the code (if you will use it!)


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    Congrats! How much previous linux experience do you have?
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    iBrokeIT wrote: »
    Congrats! How much previous linux experience do you have?

    >I have a couple of years of experience playing around with Linux servers.

    Hard to tell what he did in those years, but something was enough. I have years of experience in both Unix and Linux, but I don't want to take the test without a lot more preparation. Every day I find something I didn't know. I hate reading, but I am trying to force my way through the books I have purchased, and I have bought a lot. I do better with classroom attendence, but that is probably out of the question. I like videos a bit better.
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    Yeah I hate reading also. That's why I did the computer based training.
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    Great job very cool certification!
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    So what did you think of the videos? Did you purchase them?
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    Congratulations on the pass. I'm looking to study until December before attempting the exams.

    How did you find the cbt nuggets content vs testout?
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    I found that the Testout was more thorough than the CBT Nuggets. I would have missed a lot of questions on the LX0-101 (and probably failed it) if I only watched the CBT nuggets.

    I found the guy from the CBT nuggets to be less boring - but both were okay.

    My work gives us access to CBT Nuggets. My friend had bought the Linux+ Testout thing - and let me use his cause he wasn't gonna take it.

    Not sure what cert I am going for next. I'd like to do something in security. I find that stuff interesting. But I don't want to go into the "security" field where I spend 80 hours a week pen testing peoples networks as a consultant...

    Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) sounds fun... Has a cool cert title at least! :p CISSP sounds interesting also. But both sound pretty tough.

    Maybe I'll go for LPI-2? Not even sure what Ill do with my LPI-1. :p
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    what about going for the RCHE
    wgu undergrad: done ... woot!!
    WGU MS IT Management: done ... double woot :cheers:
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    I thought about taking the RHCE - but aren't the LPIC and RHCE pretty comparable in nature?
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    gui4life wrote: »
    I thought about taking the RHCE - but aren't the LPIC and RHCE pretty comparable in nature?

    Not at all. The RHCE is a hands on test and is pretty much the Gold standard in Linux Certification. Unlike the Linus OS neutral LPIC, RHCE is strickly Red Hat.
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    I've recently completed these two exams. I read the book, did the practical stuff & watched the LPIC 1/2 CBT Nuggets but also watched other Linux based CBT Nuggets. They now have an Ubuntu series (completed) and a CentOS series coming up. Generally, I watch the Nuggets, then dug into the book while sitting at a Linux machine.

    Tip for being successful at this exam(s): You need to "LIVE" in Linux. I built a pure Linux (Mint) machine and I used it as my computer. And while I used apt-get, I sometimes forced myself to compile programs from source code to get a better feel for them. And force yourself to do things at the command line. It's very easy to delete a photo via the desktop (Cinnamon, KDE, whatever). Don't. Do everything on the command line. You'll get in groove of using Linux and things will come naturally. In my case I just never went back to using Windows. I found Linux far superior & just adapted. Now, I find using Windows like pulling teeth. The long boot up times, slow everything, etc (same model laptop too).

    The first exam isn't super tough. The second is going to make you think. Once you come out of these exams and pass them you need to keep using Linux to keep those skills fresh. After doing both, I now feel very comfortable on a Linux box. Next for me is likely RCHSA.

    PS. CBT Nuggets has a great package on CEH and Kali Linux (hacking tools). Once you watch that series you'll never use free wifi again lol
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    brownwrap wrote: »
    Not at all. The RHCE is a hands on test and is pretty much the Gold standard in Linux Certification. Unlike the Linus OS neutral LPIC, RHCE is strickly Red Hat.

    What I mean is that the material is pretty much the same between RHCE and LPIC. Granted its Red Hat specific and it has a two hour proctored test. But it pretty much has the same objectives as the LPIC-1.
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    All I can say is Red Hat is very well respected and there is no substitute for it. Especially if the position advertises for it. I have applied for Linux positions that required RHCE and even though I was certified in Solaris 10 System Administration, they wouldn't budge. I am currently supporting Red Hat, though I get exposed a bit to Suse. My Solaris cert doesn't count here either, but we use so many technologies here that are new for me, Like VMware and NetApps, I haven't been pushed on the Linux, especially since I am busy handling a good share of the Red Hat tickets, while others are busy with the clusters we have and backing up the huge volume of data we have.
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    Congrats!!! I'm going through the TestOut materials now. How well do you think they prepared you vs. other materials used?
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