Passed 640-822/CCENT. Wanted to thank everyone and ask for some advice

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Hello everyone I haven't posted on here before but I've been browsing around here for a little bit. I'm happy took the CCENT exam and passed with a 825. First of all I wanted to say thank you. icon_smile.gif I found a lot of useful information on this forum in the ways of advice for the exam and resources to help in studying. Truthfully I was a little bit concerned and wish I had scored better but happy that I was able to pass. I plan to take part 2 sometime in the near future. My results showed that I was weaker in the topics of implementing a small routed network, explaining and selecting appropriate tasks for a WLAN and implement and verify WAN links and did pretty good in everything else. For preparing for part 2 I get the impression that I'll need to study hard on WAN standards, protocols and such along with practicing more on Lab/simulations. Just wanted to ask for other peoples opinions if that seemed like a sound thought process. Thanks again.


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    Congratulations!! A pass is a pass not to worry, good luck with ICND2.
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    I found things I struggle with in ICND1 became clearer when I moved into ICND2.
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    You passed, congrats! Your goal is to understand the material and not simply pass an exam so if you find yourself asking yourself "How does a trunk work, how does VLAN traffic pass over that trunk? I really don't understand it completely"

    Immediately pull up something like packet tracer, throw two switches in there. Add a few VLANS, trunk them together and work on it until you have two PC's on each side communicating with each other

    That's where the fun comes in, because you are sitting at home and free to take your time and make mistakes. Throw up a couple routers, configure your serial link and then apply a routing protocol and again test with two PC's from both sides.

    Good stuff...good luck
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    Happy to report that I passed the second half of the exam today! icon_smile.gif Was closer then I would have liked, lol. But glad I was able to pass.
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    Congrats on both. That is the same score I got and went on to pass the CCNA.
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats on the pass icon_thumright.gif
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