And with ARCH I am a CCDP.

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As others have said before, the DP is a much more interesting subject matter than the DA. Lots of interesting Data Center and virtualization concepts that I was not familiar with. It helps that I work in a ISP environment supporting design and solution engineers. A lot of things were just common sense. Checking off my second Professional level certification through Cisco! icon_cheers.gif

That being said, this is my final Cisco certification for this year. I will be focusing 100% on the CCIE R&S written for the remainder of the year. Granted I feel I'm setting myself up for an insurmountable goal given I am also fully vested in my BS through WGU, I feel it is achievable, if not by December, at least by early next year. My lab gear is fully assembled and I have been labbing nightly, going over the INE workbooks like a mad scientist. icon_study.gif

Best of luck to anyone looking to tackle the DP. If you have an NP, it's worth it to just knock this out with one more exam.
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    Congratulations! CCNP + CCDP = Beast Mode. Good luck on your CCIE studies my friend.
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    Congrats and good luck!!
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