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Good evening,
I'm currently going to start studying for the Network +. I plan on using Professor Messer videos and a book. I know people have recommend many books but I just wanted to see what everyone thinks or recent people that just passed. Just a little background about myself I have my bachelors in Computer Forensics. I currently am a Forensics Analyst and Systems Administrator. I've only been in the field for about a year and half. I know the basics of networks but not enough to pass the test. I currently hold one cert which is CCE (Certified Computer Examiner). I plan on getting this certification and then Security +. If anyone has any advice I am more than willing to listen. Thanks for all your help.


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    Of all the tech books I have read this was my favorite one.
    [h=1]Mike Meyers’ CompTIA Network+ Guide to Managing and Troubleshooting Networks[/h]Its a very entry level book which I liked and needed at the time, but it still covers everything in depth. Mike Meyers writing is also entertaining.
    Some writers are very dry and dull, but not this one.
    This was the only tool I used and I did very well on the exam.
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    Additionally, you also might like another of his books, the Certification All In One Exam Guide (ISBN: 978-0071789226)

    I used the 4th addition for my Network+ (which was the current one at the time) and it was very helpful.
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    I am using a kit from Sybex by Todd Lammle that comes with a study guide, lab manual and review guide. I actually upgraded and paid a little extra and got the "Deluxe" study guide. It is the same I believe as the regular study guide but came with an interactive CD that has Chapter Tests , Electronic flash cards, glossary and some other neat resources as well as the book in pdf format so I have the hardback copy and have it on my laptop too. The chapter test in the CD are the same as found after each chapter in the book. However, its nice to sit at the computer and take the test..which explains the correct answers and grades your progress. It seems very straight forward and I am learning it fairly easy doing a chapter a day. I review the previous days chapter and read and study a new chapter daily and it seems to be working good. I downloaded and installed GNS3 to have the ability to work through the Lab manual. Ive browsed through the lab manual and it seems a little advanced so Im going to finish the study guides and revisit the labs and dig into them afterwards. I also got a membership to CBTnuggets. The Comptia Network+ video series is very good and Ive picked up things from it and different things from the review guide. If you look into CBTNuggets be sure and start the N10-005 series as they do have that series updated and online. You can find the Sybex guides here CompTIA Network+ Certification Kit Recommended Courseware: Exam N10-005: Todd Lammle: 9781118148655: Amazon.com: Books
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    CompTIA Network+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide
    CompTIA Network+ Study Guide by Lammle
    Exam Cram
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