Know next to nothing about networking, can someone translate this?

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please delete


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    This looks like a homework problem. :D

    It's obvious that they want you to develop an IP addressing plan, based upon the size of the networks.

    Look through these subnet design exercises from Mr. Odom's website, they should be similar to what you have to do, and he includes explanations:
    Wendell's CCENT Skills Blog | Category Archive | Subnet Design Exercise
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    Do your own homework!!! You want learn anything if you don't apply yourself!
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    Edit: I figured it out, thanks for the table garrett.
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    Just Google a subnet calculator if you're not interested in learning networking.

    I would advised against it if you are interested in networking, you don't want to start out with such a crutch.

    In fact, I feel kinda bad for just telling you to google it.
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    This isnt homework. Not for me anyway. This is for a client, and its an urgent order

    This made me laugh.
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    Dude. Delete your post before I contact the company and let them know you have scattered their data across a public forum. Jesus. You should leave IT. No, I'm not joking. You should be ashamed of yourself and you should be fired.
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    @sharkbait689 - I am looking for a job - I can subnet!
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