Remote Desktop outside the network.

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Ok, I feel like I've been to hell and back trying to figure out why I can't connect to my computer at work (winxp pro) from my computer at home (winxp pro also). I set the server at work as an RAS (on server 2000) and set everything on it up by the book. I then proceeded to login to the router and open the ports (3389, 1723, 370 'the one I made for remote web connection to go through'). I tested it at work and everything worked perfectly, I used IE to log in to the computer. But when I got home, I tried to log in and BAM, it said "page cannot be displayed", so I tried to set up a VPN connection to the static IP at the office server, and it wouldn't connect, so the next day I went to the office, and connected from one of the client computers just fine. (P.S. I set my home router the same as the office). I also tried a remote DESKTOP connection from home to the comp at the office, and STILL no dice. I run through a different ISP at home than I do at work, but I called both of them and they told me they are not blocking the ports. I then asked one of the techs if they've had any problems, and they said no, we have customers doing the same thing, and it works just fine. So the problem doesnt lye in the equipment, the ISP's, the setup, or the security; so what the hell could it be then?

Any help would be mosterously appreciated. Thank you.
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