Fxp0 - Management Interface Issue

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2 alarms currently active
Alarm time Class Description
2013-10-09 02:58:39 IST Major Host 1 fxp0 : Ethernet Link Down
2013-10-09 02:58:39 IST Major Host 0 fxp0 : Ethernet Link Down

>show interfaces fxp0

Physical interface: fxp0, Enabled, Physical link is Down
Interface index: 1, SNMP ifIndex: 1
Type: Ethernet, Link-level type: Ethernet, MTU: 1514, Speed: 10m
Device flags : Present Running No-Carrier
Interface flags: Hardware-Down SNMP-Traps
Link type : Half-Duplex
Current address: 00:a0:a5:63:3d:80, Hardware address: 00:a0:a5:63:3d:80
Last flapped : 2013-10-09 02:53:20 IST (00:17:58 ago)
Input packets : 0
Output packets: 0

> show interfaces fxp0 terse
Interface Admin Link Proto Local Remote
fxp0 up down

** I have cleared the alarm by using:-
# set chassis alarm management-ethernet link-down ignore

Can someone tell me what could be the reason for fxp0's link Proto "down" ?
What steps could i take to troubleshoot the issue.

Some Details:-
Router:- M120
Junos:- 10.4R9.2

How it went down :-
I configured fxp0 unit 0 and assigned it's IP Uploaded a file then i deleted fxp0 unit 0

Command used:-
# delete interface fxp0 unit 0

after that link proto for fxp0 went down.


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