Earned RHCE certification

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First of all I'm glad I found this website a year ago. It helped me get my certification for both RHCSA and RHCE.
Right now and already looking for a next challenge.

My idea would be going towards more devops topics :
- Configuration management ( I prefer ansible over puppet ).
- CI (Jenkins)

But right now we are in a shift in the IT industry and I actually want to jump the bandwagon.
Any of you guys experienced in this ?

What would be the next challenge for a linux system administrator who also works with vmware. (Maybe VCP ?)


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    Congrats! This is not an easy cert to obtain.
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    Ansible is cool, although I think you'll find Puppet / Chef in use more. Maybe look into M collective for a quick MQ with config mgmt. Go for the VCP and possibly a CCNA. Pick up lots of scripting, bash, then either Perl / Python / Ruby. Jenkins is where it's at for builds afaik. Pick up Git or subversion. This also largely depends on what / where you want to go, e.g., storage, web, VM (which you're into now), etc.

    I'm curios to hear about the "shift" the industry is in.
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