CEH Member promo - Upgrade to v8

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    Yup. I got it as well. I don't really see any benefit to upgrading to CEH v8 (I have v7), except for that v8 is ANSI accredited...
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    I have v7 as well, but I may pick up v8 since it is ANSI.
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    It's the CEH certification program that is ANSI/ISO/IEC and not the CEH cert itself. Being ISO/IEC 17024-compliant is only a requirement to sell the CEH to the US government and not an assurance of the quality of the certification. From what I've heard, the v8 exam isn't much different from the v7.
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    I got it as well. Didn't really look into it but will check it out if its needed by my employer. Doubt it.
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    I received this as well. I thought it was funny because I have not seen a job opening requesting a specific version of CEH. Where I work the people that do the auditing here and ensuring proper certs are held just look for CEH not CEHv8.
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    Doesn't seem worth it to me.
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