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    AakashNT wrote: »
    @krokodilo.. This is valid for only North America icon_smile.gif
    Hope your address is in NA, else the code won't work.

    I had no address, just the letter "a", which I think is likely partially why I got banned (again). The coupon only relies on your personal and shipping country being in the US. If you set it to US, the coupon will be accepted.
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    The MongoDB guys have a great online "University" ->

    They offer a number of free multi-week courses, preparing you for their rather cheap certifications. Even if you don't take the certification exam, you can still pass the course-ending exam to get a cert-of-attendance. The training's pretty good quality and each course will take 1.5 to 6 hours each week. Depending on your schedule you can fit more than one in parallel.

    Courses + attendance cert: free
    DBA or developer exam: $150

    CISSP, OSCP, CEH, GCCC, RHCE, Pentest+, PSM-1, alphabet soup...

    2019: Renew RHCE (with EX407) , SANS SEC566 (GCCC)
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    If you're CISSP member, there are lots of free training in the CISSP portal. 
    Once you log in into CISSP portal, click on My Course to enroll. 
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    Alibaba Cloud is offering Apsara Clouder Technical Certification for free too.
    This program is a light-weight certification, which aims to help trainees to quickly understand Alibaba Cloud product & services. You will learn how to use it as a practical skill.

    Sign up @ Alibaba Cloud Academy
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    ITPRO.TV has a free tier with some entry level courses. These include:
       MTA - Windows Operating System Fundamentals - 98-349 (UPDATE 2018)
       MTA - Security Fundamentals - 98-367 (2018)
       CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ (Exam FC0-U61)
       CyberPatriot - National Youth Cyber Education Program

    Note: that the MTA on Security qualifies to as CE credit for A+ or N+

    There is also a 7-day free trial of the subscription plan, as with many other training companies.
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