Cisco IOS problem

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OK so this is what's going. I was playing around with an old switch at work. I wanted to update the IOS in it but there wasn't enough space left so I overwrote the the bin file in the flash (deleted it actually). I was now transfering the file to the switch (Catalyst 2900XL) using Xmodem but in the end it says: flash:"image.bin": no space left on device. So what could I do to free up some space on the device so that I can transfer the file to it?


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    Maybe your device just doesn't have enough memory to hold the image you are trying to put on it?
  • JasminLandryJasminLandry Posts: 601Member
    That's the problem, is there a way I can delete other unnecessary files? I'm trying to look for a compatible IOS image but Cisco doesn't support it anymore? Is there another place where I could download older IOS? The one I need would be 11.2.

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    scratch that - the options were for DRAM.
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    First, as FloOz said, make sure you have a enough memory for the image.

    If you do, Why don't you just delete the current image in flash:

    # delete /f /r flash1:<insert image name here>

    # delete /f /r flash2:<insert image name here>

    Then copy the new image to flash:

    # copy tftp flash1
    >Address or name of remote host? <insert tftp server ip here>
    >source filename? <insert image name here>
    >Destination filename? <insert image name here>

    Check to verify integrity of the copy:

    # verify /md5 flash1:c3750-ipbasek9-mz-122-55.SE1.bin
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  • JasminLandryJasminLandry Posts: 601Member
    Ohh nevermind I just got it back up and running. Thanks for your help guys. I found an old image compatible with this device. Copied the file to my machine and uploaded it to the switch and there you go :)

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