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Passed the foundations exam today. I studied for about 3 weeks total. I basically read through Liz Gallacher's book, then went back and took the end of chapter quizzes. After I brushed up on the questions I missed on the quizzes I took the official ITIL practice exam and did well on that so I went and sat the exam. I tried watching the CBT nuggets videos but they were too dry and boring. The guy that did those videos tends to get off on a tangent like Jeremy in the CCNA videos. For this dry of material I wanted a resource that got straight to the point, and I found that in Liz's book.

Thanks again Liz, your book is a great resource for the foundations exam.
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    Congrats! icon_thumright.gif

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    Congrats! Would you do any more of the ITIL exams, or back to the tech certs?
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    cyberguypr wrote: »

    I'm not doing any more ITIL exams. I don't see any value in it for my situation. Back to the tech certs.
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    I am taking my ITIL toay as well in about 3 hours.

    I only studied for about 4 days, skimmed through Liz's book and read some study guides posted through the interwebz.

    I also feel that someone in my situation, I wont be pursuing it any further. Some places are looking for MoF Foundation, which is Microsofts' version of ITIL, but more specific and geared towards IT TQM.

    I think with ITIL-F, atleast for me, it'll show potential employers and my employer now, that I am not just a tech, I am business oriented and want to move up vs being stuck as a tech.

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    Good luck LittleBIT! Those are some wise words from the CEO icon_smile.gif
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