difficulty for novice?

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Hello all,

I know you probably see this a lot but here's my question/backround. I went to a tech school and learned basic computer networking and information systems I have net+ and MTA: network fundamentals certs. I have been working on a help desk for about 2 years doing basic PC troubleshooting(never worked with servers). My main question is how hard is this for someone who never worked on servers? my plan is to do a lot of labbing if i decide i want to go this path.

My dream job would be to be a system admin, deploying servers, troubleshooting servers and just work with servers all around.

thank you everyone.


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    If you have no direct server OS experience then you are not starting from scratch because a lot of troubleshooting PC's carries over to servers, especially physically.

    You will need to lab extensively. It will be a difficult journey but that's why you take it one test at a time; it's metered progress. Nothing in life that's worthwhile is easy so invest in yourself and your future.
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    Thank you for your advice, i was reading that the test will include R2 in january, do you think i should wait for updated material to start studying? or should i just go for it now?
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    Go for it now and just read the tech net articles on new r2 content that's what I'm doing no time to loose
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    good point...thank you and good luck!!
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    The R2 content will most likely be additive and very little derivation from R1 so I agree to start studying now and then review the changes for R2.
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