any help would be very much appreciated

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i am studying for the os porion of the exam, any help with this such as easier ways to remember things would be greatly appreciated!!! here i go!!
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    Obtain as much experience working with the material first hand. If you never touch hardware and never explore your way through the OS's you will likely find it more challenging to keep the objectives clear in your mind.

    It makes sense when you use it.

    Just my experience.
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    Yeah, I got tired of hearing that advice, but it's true. There's just no substitute for actually getting one of the old OS's installed, and go through various troubleshooting techniques. Unfortunately, that could be hard to do if you're studying from home, and not an institution of some kind. But for me, my trouble was 3.x, because I had never dealt with it at all. But when I made myself use it, I could tell my experience level increased exponentially.

    Hope this advice helps!! Good luck !
  • best advice to give you...get a test PC and different versions of Windows to install on it. Have someone else try and "break" it, and then you fix it. By doing this, you will learn a WHOLE LOT about what files do what with the OS. That is how I studied and I missed 1 question on the real thing, so I'd have to say it works.
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