Passed Today....

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I took the exam today and made an 865/900. I was really nervous when I clicked the submit button. There were some questions that I did not know and there were some that were a guess. So I guess many of those were the beta questions or I guessed really well.

The performance questions were not that difficult to be honest. I did take some time the past couple of days to go through the security+ blog mentioned in some of the threads. I will say that it not only helped ease my mind on the type of questions but also there were some really good hints there as well. I think I had 6 performance bases questions that included some port questions, some authentication types and then some physical security questions and a firewall sim.

I used this forum, Darril's book, Mike Myers Passport book a little. I did many of the practice questions in both books and any I could find on many of the websites the are mentioned in these threads. I think that the Professor Messer series would be a good place to start as well but I only watched maybe a handful of those videos.

Special thanks to Darril because his book was a wonderful resource as well as the blog.

If you put in the time understanding the concepts then you will pass. If you try and memorize practice exams after practice exam then you will probably have a hard time with the test.

Good luck and Thanks.


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