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After years of hard study I have finally earned my CCIE R&S!
What do you suggest as the next objective?
I am a senior network engineer, I only have Cisco certifications (ccna, ccnp, ccip, ccda, ccdp, dcni); I would like either to earn a network certification of a different vendor, or to become certified in another sector.
I was looking at Red Hat certs and they seem to be very good, for sure in my job I have to be skilled with Unix also.
What is your advice? what are the hottest certifications for a senior network engineer? do you suggest to stick with network things?
Thanks for your advice


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    I would say go for JNCIE or branch off into security/DC/SP of Cisco.
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    @piercazzo - no suggestions here, just congratulations on such an incredible achievement icon_thumright.gif
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    Congratulations :)

    News like these make me even more motivated. for further studies why not go for a Juniper cert? That could make you a complete all round network engineer. I myself plan to go to Cisco, Juniper and Red hat certs.

    anyway lots of possibilities, just look into something you might enjoy
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    For security, what do you think about penetration testing certs and ceh/cisa/cissp? are those really useful? do they give practical expertise?
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