Back at it again

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Well, about a month ago I put my studies on hold because I was going to be in Japan for a month or so. I brought by study materials with me, and I'm glad that I did. Turns out i'm working night shift, so it is just completely dead. I'm also helping to manage our CUCM. The first thing I started studying was analog signaling and pretty much older voice technologies. I thought I was going to just give up on voice because things didn't immediately "click". Finally got to the point where I was doing a little bit of CLI for CME and it just completely peaked my interest. I am really starting to enjoy the voice studies now. Hopefully I can take my exam before 20DEC when I take vacation, but we will see. Any good books anyone can reference? Not the OCG type book, but more of an on the job quick reference cli guide/cucm guide for the real world?
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