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I searched and found one thread from 2009 on this topic.

A lot has changed since then, let me ask you guys for input on this. Is anybody using 2970G 24port in "production"

I have a couple 2950/3550 but they are currently my bottleneck on my home networ when it comes to backup/data transfer. I am currently using one of the up-link ports on 2950 switch between my gigabit nas port and my main pc and can easily do 90-100 megabyte/sec data transfers, where 100mbps link caps at about 11mb/sec.

So, what I would like to do is replace one of my switches with a gigabit switch, it will be my main lan switch. I don't really need it to be my managed switch, it will be just a 24/7 on type of switch for providing connectivity to 2 computers, htpc, 1 nas box and 1 hypervisor, this is where 100mbps is a bottleneck.

Or would one of SMB SG100 unmanaged switches work fine as well ?
Something like this -
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    I've been wanting to move up to gigabit too. Prices have dropped quite a bit, but I don't know if this is one of those "you get what you pay for" situations.

    Newegg has a few sub-$20 even. - Computer Hardware, Networking, Wired Networking, Switches, gigabit
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    i run my home network on SG300/200 kit. At work, we used to use the SG300 kit and it worked well but we upgraded to the Catalyst platform because we needed enterprise support/features.

    Obviously the small business product isn't at all designed to match a catalyst but the CLI and feature set will get you far in a home environment. The 10 port SG300 has sfp, buy two and fiber SFP and you can have L3 routing for around $600 , as an example of how powerful the platform is.
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    I use a gigabit SG300 Managed Gigabit Switch for my home/lab network. It's an awesome little switch. I've had it running for 6 months without a single problem. Strongly recommended!!!
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