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I am running CME on GNS3 and have CIPC communicating with CME on SKINNY
I want to change this to SIP, can someone give some pointers to make this change?

GNS3 is running Cisco IOS Software, 3700 Software (C3725-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 12.4(7)
ephone-1 Mac:0200.4C4F.4F50 TCP socket:[1] activeLine:0 REGISTERED in SCCP ver 15
mediaActive:0 offhook:0 ringing:0 reset:0 reset_sent:0 paging 0 debug:0
IP: 58780 CIPC   keepalive 69 max_line 8
button 1: dn 1  number 8888 CH1   IDLE         CH2   IDLE


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