Another CISSP Pass!!!

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Well, after a little over 5 hours in the testing center I walked away with a pass!! I really went through all of the emotions on this beast of a test. I can honestly say that was a grueling 5 hours. I thought for sure that I failed by a mile by the end of it. I honestly wasn't confident on about 60% of the questions I answered.

Test Strategy:

First pass - flagged anything that I didn't know immediately, or was a long read. I was wanted to try and build some confidence as after about 15 questions I thought I was doomed!

Second pass - Answered all questions that I flagged and un-flagged most of them. I left some for further analysis.

Third pass - Looked at the remaining flagged questions I had. I was so fried at that point that I started making some educated guesses, and then decided to just end the test without going over the remaining. I hit end test, knowing that defeat was coming.

I walked to the front to get my print out, and saw that there was only one sheet… I thought to myself, don't tell me you actually passed this thing. Sure enough it was a pass.

I am so relieved. Xmas has come early!!! Thanks to everyone who posted their test strategies and studying materials. It was a huge help! was well worth the $50, wouldn't have passed without it.

I used the following to study:
  • Conrad Study Guide 2nd E.
  • Conrad 11th Hour 2nd E.
  • Practice questions
  • The Sunflower PDF
  • InfoSec Institute Bootcamp videos (also various other youtube videos)
  • AIO Study Guide (Chapter Summaries Only)
  • AIO Practice Questions Book


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