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Sorry for my bad english, but I'm a new Italian student who want to become CCNA certified! :D
I've been using Packet Tracer until now, but I want to use real equipment. I've a 837, and just ordered 3 2610XM routers and 3 2950 switches for my personal lab!
In PT, to use CLI we should double click on the router/switch; How can i get access to the CLI on real devices - without using console cable every time? (This is a stupid question for you, but i'm a novice and simplest things sometime become hard topics.)
I think i should define an IP address on every device, and telnet from my pc. Is it right?

Thanks in advance! :D
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    You're going to need either an access server or get creative with your connectivity. If you use a access server, you can connect all your devices from the server via the console interface. Then you would connect your access server to your LAN and assign it an IP address. Then you would just telnet in to the access server. Be warned, access servers only serve that purpose thus the demand/price is always high.

    You could also setup the VTY lines on all your devices, console into one device, and telnet from there but you would require layer 3 connectivity to all devices.

    There is always the very cumbersome but cheap method and that is to console into every device one at a time.
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    I bought a Digi CM32 back when they were still reasonably priced (Paid $75). Just checked eBay and one guy has them for $100 right now. Everyone else is $199 or more.

    Digi cm 32 32 Port Console Terminal Server CM32 Tested | eBay

    These are nice. You just connect a regular old patch (ethernet) cable from it to each of the devices' console ports. Then, you would connect it to your network. You can Telnet (?) or SSH into each of the devices via the Digi CM32.
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    I think a solution could be having more NICs in my computer, and connecting them to routers. Could be right?
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    There are some guides online for making an access server out of raspberry pie. Just google 'cisco access server raspberry pie'.

    I haven't done it myself yet though.
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    Arn't raspberry pies super hard to get?
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    All of you have an access server? How do you manage your rack?!
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    Dieg0M wrote: »
    Arn't raspberry pies super hard to get?

    I've seen them in some TigerDirect (CompUSA) stores.
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    If you order one direct then yes, more then likely will be a wait. You can find them other places like Amazon or Ebay. You pay a more but you don't have to wait as long.

    I've found they are around $40 USD, so pretty cheap. IMO there are pro's and con's using the raspberry pi over the Digi.

    the pi can be used for multipule project
    a great way to learn something new
    easy setup (if you have used linux or can read a how to guide)

    you need a powered usb hub
    4 usb to serial cables (depending on how many free usb ports are open)
    2 extra power outlets (1 for the pi and 1 for the usb hub)

    I was pricing what was needed while writing a response, here's what I've found for the cost (I'm sure it could be lower if you shop around more):

    Pi: $40
    usb hub: $20
    usb to serial: $12 each ($48 total since you need 4)
    Total: $108 (the more equipment you add the more the price goes up because you need another usb hub and more usb to serial adapters)

    With the Digi CM32 for about the same price, you aren't as limited on the # ports and could add to your lab at any time without adding to the cost.
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    Matro, if you plan to access the devices remotely then yes you need an access server. I had a digi cm32 when I was labbing on physical units. Now I am labbing on virtual devices using gns3. There are also cisco devices that can be used as an access server. The reason you need an access server is if you lose connection to your switch, say if you fat finger an ip or shut down the wrong port etc etc, then you are directly connected to console via that access server.
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    Thanks santaowns! Thinking on it, the answer should be obvious :D
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