70-411 exam before the end of the year

After the terrible experience months ago when I attempted this exam, I will be taking a more practical approach this time around. This time I used the CBT Nuggets videos and went in and messed with Group Policy and things instead of just reading about it. The CBT Nuggets are really good. The only downside is the instructor likes to go off on tangents and talks about unrelated things or he will go into topics that are not on the exam (This may explain why the videos are soo long D: )

The exam is scheduled for 12/30 at 9:30AM Central time. The seats were very limited and most places had sold out of exam times. I will post my experience afterwards. I do feel a little more confident this time around due to having a visual experience of things instead of just cracking a book open.
Next Goal: Office 365 70-346 (Scheduled for 9/25)


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