The Big 4 0

Microsoft exams, that is - I'm not that old yet.

I passed 70-414 on Friday with an 820 for my 40th Microsoft exam pass. I still owe 413 a rematch, but I had a voucher that I had to use by the end of the year so I took a shot at 414. Next up are the Office 365 Wave 15 MCSA beta exams this week, then 413 to finish the MCSE: SI. Then it may be a couple of years before I take another exam when I have to start renewing certs.

40 is the ruby anniversary. I rarely drink wine so I went looking for some red beers to celebrate. No Shiner Ruby Red and I couldn't find the beer from Clown Shoes (I think - it was a seasonal like the Shiner) that poured bright red. I settled for some Killians Red. I haven't had one in a while and it's something I might have been drinking back when I started my MS certs 15 years ago. Too much to do around the holidays so I haven't had time to properly celebrate the exam yet. Maybe tonight I'll finish the 6 pack while I have my victory cigar. I don't get the same rush I used to when I pass an exam but I make it a point to celebrate the achievement.


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