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Cisco router 2610 is unable to boot into Rommon mode. After doing research, I found steps to use Break Key Sequence Combination (link on bottom of page) to get into the device using TeraTerm, but no success.

What are the steps do I need to take in order to get this back up running in good shape? Thank you in advance.

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  • JeanMJeanM Posts: 1,117Member
    What are you getting in your terminal? Anything?
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  • Alhaji265Alhaji265 Posts: 201Member ■■■□□□□□□□
    Gibberish message whenever I hit a key.
  • santaownssantaowns Posts: 366Member
    Check your rates, they could be incorrect.
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    What he said. I had the same problem (Gibberish) with a couple of switches before realizing they were set to 115200 BAUD (this is the highest BAUD/bitrate and is frequently used when loading an IOS image via XModem). I had set one of them to 115200 before loading an IOS (came with no IOS) and forgot to set it back. The other came that way [from eBay].
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  • JeanMJeanM Posts: 1,117Member
    Yep, reason why I asked if you were getting anything was to then suggest to check the port settings :)

    Basically, you'll have to match the terminal baud rate to what it may be set to on the router.
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