What is CME (Call Manager Express)

FuturaFutura Member Posts: 191
So this may seem like a simple question but I am a student of CCNA Voice at the moment,

Is CME inside the IOS or is CME the Files that accompany the IOS on the Flash.

I mean,

if I just load a an 'IPVOICE' IOS in flash I can enable Telephony Service and EPhones so is that CME?.


Is CME the version of the Package such as 4.1 or 7.1 with the phone loads and rings GUI etc?.

I have been searching for the answer but there is no clear definition. it may seem a simple question to some but I am looking for something a bit deeper to understand the fundamentals.



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    bobfromfplbobfromfpl Member Posts: 104
    Hi Futura,

    Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CUCME) depends on the IOS you're using. So yes, if you use an IPVOICE ios you will have CUCME capability. The one I practiced on was IOS 12.4(24)T which I believe was version 7.1.

    The files loaded on the flash support features, products, ring tones, ect
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    theodoxatheodoxa Member Posts: 1,340 ■■■■□□□□□□
    CME is part of the IOS as long as the IOS includes it (IP Voice or above). Phone loads (one of the types of files added) are the firmware need for a specific model of IP phone (e.g. 1740/60, 1741/61, etc...) to function with the specific version of CME (4.3, 8.5, 8.6, etc...) in your IOS. Other added files include things like backgrounds and ringtones.
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    FuturaFutura Member Posts: 191
    Ok I see, so CUCME is the version contained in the IOS.

    So If I load a an IOS such as IPVOICE and enable Telephony Service, then type show telephony service I know what the version of CUCME is?

    So then I look on the CUCME Matrix on the CISCO site and see which version of the Phone Loads package I need?

    Cisco Unified CME and Cisco IOS Software Version Compatibility Matrix  [Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express] - Cisco Systems

    Sounds reasonable, thanks guys for the input....icon_cheers.gif
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    JeanMJeanM Member Posts: 1,117
    Yep, and different routers support different verions of CME. Then to upgrade further, you look into a full blown CUCM running as appliance or vmware.
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    FuturaFutura Member Posts: 191
    Funny thing is I work with fully blown CUCM & UC on a daily basis, I have a couple of C Class UCS boxes running a 8.6 Cluster with 10,000 handsets but CUCME is a whole different ball bag!... I'm only learning it to pass the exam tbh.

    So I see on the Cisco site that the support packs are available depending on the IOS and the Version of CUCME. the are called CME files for IOS version X.X.X

    Does anyone know if you have to use exactly the right version of Support files, backward compatibility etc.

    For instance, If I was running IOS Version 12.4(20)T could I then use support pack?

    It may very trivial again but I need to know the specifics,
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    shodownshodown Member Posts: 2,271
    CME compatibility matrix. This thing will save your bacon. This is a must have for any voice engineer that works with CME's

    Cisco Unified CME and Cisco IOS Software Version Compatibility Matrix  [Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express] - Cisco Systems
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    FuturaFutura Member Posts: 191
    Yes I have the compatibility matrix already, thanks, see earlier posts.

    I was looking for something a little more in depth, such as can newer support packs with newer phone loads be used with older CME versions.

    Or do they have to match up exactly according to the matrix.

    I see version of IOS c2800nm-ipvoicek9-mz.124-25g on the Cisco site, and this is not in the Matrix, so is this to assume this is version 7.1 of CME.

    Guess this is just a case of suck it and see......

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    ande0255ande0255 Banned Posts: 1,178
    I'd post directly to the Cisco support forums, they are very helpful on there.
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