Thinking about A+, Network+, and Security+ to brush up on Tech Skills...

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Hi All,

A quick background... I graduated in 2002 with a Bachelors degree in MIS. I work for a small tech company but I have been mainly on the business management/online marketing side for a few years now. I looked into getting the PMP cert a few years ago but held off for a few reasons (one being I wanted more tech experience).

I ran across a few training books recently so I am thinking about doing the A+, Net+, and Sec+ just to pad the resume a little and also get up to speed on the tech side (since it's been a few years).

Just looking for advice? Even though I have a degree, will these certs still help me? Also, can you tell me if the above is a good order to do the certs? Or, are there "in between" certs that would be more beneficial?

Thanks everyone!!!


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    If you're going to continue doing management, don't get any of them.

    What do you want to do ultimately?
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    If you have no current certifications, then this trio may be a good idea.

    Considering you already have a degree, what would be your motivation for obtaining the A+? Net+ and Sec+ make more sense IMO and follow that up with Cisco and/or some MS certs that pertain to what you want to do...bring up, what is it you 'want to do'?

    Some employers will list A+ and if you have the ability the few hundred dollars to obtain it won't be a big deal to begin your journey, it is a few hundred plus texts because it is 2 exams, but to avoid explaining your reason for not getting it, it's an ok investment.

    Generally, the order you list A+, followed by NET+. followed by SEC+ is how folks take these exams. CompTIA exams are vendor neutral and therefore very general in what they test. These are good warm up exams. I would not get stuck in a CompTIA path though and plan for your other exams shortly after completing the trio.

    WIth experience in all three areas, you could easily see these exams behind you in a few short months (little review for each and move along). If however, you notice you need a bit more time on the exams, target a completion of 6-9 months.

    Mike Meyers has great books for A+ and NET+ and Sybex has outstanding books for NET+ and SEC+. Though you could download the objectives and get by with the crambooks if you are indeed familiar with the topics.

    Otherwise, if you get stuck, ask your questions in the appropriate forum and the members can try to clear up any confusion.

    Good luck
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    Thanks for the quick replies!

    Honestly, I just want to be as diversified (and flexible) as possible. A cert (or even my degree) means very little in my current position, where I've been for 10+ years. That being said, I'd like some fall back options IF something ever happens in the future. Looking back, my direct IT experience has been lacking the past few years and I'd like to do something about that. The CompTia options seem like the easiest way to "get back in the game" and perhaps branch out from there (cisco, ms, etc.)...

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    Don't do A+. You can buy the book to brush up. If you pass the quizzer that comes with the book, then you would have passed the exam. It won't make a difference on your resume and you'll have saved yourself ~$400 by not getting it.

    Security+ would be a good start to get back in the game for sure.

    If you meet the requirements to get your PMP, do that. The ROI is so high with that one.
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