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As you can tell I am new to the IT world having been a paper pusher for the past 21 years. I would like to branch out to the IT world but I don't know which way to turn. TO Start should I take A+ or network + and what is the difference between them? Thanks in advance!


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    A+ certification tells people you know about PCs. Network+ is obviously about networks.

    If you are going to do networks that only use Macs and other computers, skip A+. I can't see that as realistic, so do A+.

    My advice, which I followed, is


    in that order. i-Net+ was a waste, IMHO.
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    Thanks for the info. Since I first need to learn about PC's I guess that i'll start with A+. Could you recommend some good A+ books or course materials?
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    New to the site here too but I have been studying with the Mike Meyers Certification Passport book. There are a few others listed on this site as well.

    Good luck
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    I am a pathological reader, so I bought them all. Kept one book in each car, some at work, some at home. Every book has one thing the others don't have.

    I prefer to recommend publishing houses, rather than titles.

    Syngress, Exam Crams are superb.

    McGraw Hill Osborne is excellent.

    Sybex doesn't impress. Just a little less info than the others.
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    Newbee, there are lots of places that you can come across material without buying books....

    I would post where, but I am sure the post would be removed... Just go looking through peer-peer networks. You will find a vast array of info... Just search a+
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    I had been in the AS400 world for many years and decided to pursue MCSE to make myself more marketable in the thin job market. I took both A+ and Network+ to get a good foundation and it was a good move. Network+ is especially valuable for pursuing Security+ (I'm taking it this week) or MCSE if you're rusty on TCP/IP.

    I don't think any of the books I've used have been particularly good, so I can't recommend any. Take all the practice exams you can...
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    From what I'm seeing and the training requests I get on a daily basis, I still see a very strong niche market for AS400 expertise. Especially I-Series people. Don't sell yourself short, the key is make sure you're marketing to the right people.
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    There's still quite a bit of demand if you're an RPG p/a, but I have pretty limited RPG skills since I was primarily a system administrator and BA. The company I got laid off from had 5 AS400 people on staff and now only have 2 MCSE network admins as the whole IT department. So I figure it's time to make a change hehe...
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    I just took both certs this week. I would suggest if you don't know a lot about routers/switches/bridges etc... then take the A+ first. That will give you a good foundation for the Network+ exam.
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