What cert should I go after N+?

grave_diggergrave_digger Member Posts: 127
Should I follow through with S+?
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    That would depend on which career path you want to take, most people in these forums recommended the CompTIA trio as a solid foundation so getting a Sec+ cert would complete your CompTIA trio but you can also go higher depending on the career path you would like to take.
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    I agree with Snow.bros. Personally, I'd go for the Sec+ just to top off the three core CompTIA certs and then decide which way you want to go...
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    Just joined today finally after viewing the forums for so very long. I too am asking myself the same question. I want to go up the CCNA-Security route, but also want to get my CompTIA Sec+, so it's one way or the other, but both are somewhat related.

    I guess the answer to both our question is which cert do you think will help you most landing your next job / promotion? Which cert will be harder to obtain based on current knowledge and experience?

    I just noticed also, I'm in your neck of the woods.
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    If you want to go up the security path, get Security+ then go for CCNA and CCNA Security. The Security+ exam will give you a good foundation in security that will make it easier to absorb the CCNA Security material.
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