Passed ICND2 - Finally CCNA Certified :D

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Hey Guys,

Really happy that I finally got this cert. Scored a 933/1000. I was expecting this cert to be a lot harder. It was a lot easier than the Microsoft exams I took and just slightly harder than the Security+. I think the reasons behind this are that there are so many sources to study for the CCNA. To be quite frank I was a bit bummed out that there was no configuration on these exams. For the future test-takers, I highly recommend that you review and study Frame Relay, Eigrp, Netflow/SNMP and OSPF in detail.

I can see why this is the associate exam, as they're missing some huge topics like BGP, MPLS and Layer 3 Switching.

What I used:

Lammle ICND2- Awesome, awesome, awesome. Read this thing twice front to back on my Kindle. Reading on a kindle is so much easier.

Testout- What can I say, I've been in love with this site since my A+ days.

CBT Nuggets- Some of the harder topics that were hard to conceptualize were easier to grasp of after watching the CBT videos.

Pearson Vue Lab Sim / Packet Tracer - For my hands on training. Labbing is awesome, it helped me answer some questions that weren't covered in great detail in the book.
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