Passed 70-410 R2

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Just a quick post to let you know (hopefully with out breaking any rules) about the new R2 exams. Pretty much its just a search and replace of "2012" with "2012 R2" and I didn't see any content that was covered in the update R2 document. I even felt that one of the questions would have a different answer with the new features in R2 than if you did it in 2012. So I picked an answer based on what I knew for 2012.

Biggest thorn in my side was a stupid question about the sc command (which argument does XXXX). I was happy to say for my first MS exam, they made it clear how many answers you needed to pick (eg hot drop - choose three steps). I can see why the yes-no questions are more difficult (and risky). If they are worth 4-5 times a multiple choice question and you don't know it (hint: auditing) then you can go from a pass to a fail very quickly.

In summary no new topics, not saying they wont slowly filter through. Still time for people to pass with out the complete set of 2012 R2 knowledge.

On to 70-411


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