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Just a quick post to let you know (hopefully with out breaking any rules) about the new R2 exams. Pretty much its just a search and replace of "2012" with "2012 R2" and I didn't see any content that was covered in the update R2 document. I even felt that one of the questions would have a different answer with the new features in R2 than if you did it in 2012. So I picked an answer based on what I knew for 2012.

Biggest thorn in my side was a stupid question about the sc command (which argument does XXXX). I was happy to say for my first MS exam, they made it clear how many answers you needed to pick (eg hot drop - choose three steps). I can see why the yes-no questions are more difficult (and risky). If they are worth 4-5 times a multiple choice question and you don't know it (hint: auditing) then you can go from a pass to a fail very quickly.

In summary no new topics, not saying they wont slowly filter through. Still time for people to pass with out the complete set of 2012 R2 knowledge.

On to 70-411


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    Congrats on the pass. I'm getting ready to take this exam. I'm glad to hear you passed it. What do you mean by Yes/No questions? No need to go into detail but I was jw. I took the 2008 exams and I'm not familiar with any kind of Yes/No questions? Just multiple choice and some drag and drop.
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    Yes/no questions are hard to explain with out giving away too much information. Um.
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    and there is a table with two columns and a bunch of tick boxes for yes/no. but there is no way of knowing how many yes you need to tick.

    Also, for anyone one curious, I actually studied 70-410 and then 70-411 before sitting 70-410 exam. The thought was that I would get my MCSA 2012 R2 cert, so I waited for those exams to be released. I would say doing the extra course work probably did help. Perhaps those who are failing should try some 70-411 material?
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    Congrats. Try not to wait too long before taking the 411. Now that the basics are fresh in your memory.
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    Thank for the suggestion on studying for the 70-411 before taking the 70-410. Sounds like there is a lot of material that would apply towards the 70-410.
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    I have actually heard the same advice. There is a lot in the 411 that helps with the 410 but not as much vice-versa. Good luck on the next one.
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    Congratulations on the pass!!!

    Thanks for the advice will try it

    Good luck on 70-411!!! icon_thumright.gif
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