Some basic questions about CCNP-Security

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I'm strongly considering going after the CCNP-Security track instead of the CCNP-R&S one (due to interest, time, and money). The up-side of that is that I have more interest in studying for this (which I feel should always be a main factor - who wants to get up and go to a job he doesn't like?). The down-side is that it'll involve taking two more tests for me than pursuing R&S icon_sad.gif Also, I don't have the time to get a cert that I don't care anything about (R&S) nor the motivation to get it (or the $$$ for two NP certs with such widely divergent tracks). I'm hopeful that a CCNP-Security/CCNA-Security/CCNA/CCENT will be good enough to land me an NP-level position in this specialization. I had looked at NP-Voice, but it involves SIX exams (and I'm not so fired up about voice anyway), and I checked out NP-Wireless, but there don't appear to be positions out there that just employ wireless people (at least until the IE-level).

In my online job searches I see a lot of employers asking for experience with firewalls, VPNs, security, etc., so I'm optimistic that a CCNP-Security alone will be a valuable asset. I want to think that there's enough concern and demand out there right now for security that companies are willing to hire qualified people JUST for security vs. having others to focus solely on R&S - or am I wrong on this?


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    Yes there are plenty companies that have security and R&S functions separated. There are also plenty that have them in a single group/role. It usually depends on the size of the deployment and whether the cost of having someone dedicated to each area is worth it. A small 100 employee company probably can't justify the cost of hiring two guys to manage the security and R&S of a network that small for example.

    Outside of working in an enterprise setting there are also opportunities in VARs, MSPs, vendors etc. that usually have people more specialized in certain roles.
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    I think with the recent breaches of Target and Nieman-Marcus by hackers, along with the spying of the NSA, security may be in demand now more than ever (I hope) and be a long-term priority. Businesses that had been on the fence about having specialized security personnel before may have to reconsider.
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    I would be careful about planning your career around the total cost of certifications.
    Most people will start working in the field well before they have earned any NP level certs. With any luck this will bring you a reasonable income that would allow you to continue your pursuit of additional certifications.

    Good Luck
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    "Also, I don't have the time to get a cert that I don't care anything about (R&S)"

    I find that troubling to read. You don't care anything about R/S, the foundation of networking itself?

    That is the equivalent of you focusing on putting up nice window shades and having a good roof yet having forgotten that the house sits on a foundation (R/S).

    Cart before the horse Cat5. How can you secure that in which you don't understand? Let's focus on why you feel R/S isn't important, are you having issues with the technologies? I recognize your name, aren't you looking for work in the field having done little in the past?
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