Need advice on talking with new CEO about IT issues

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Long story short.

Company has a new CEO. The new guy thinks the company is behind on technology. Doesn't get along with the CIO and it's questionable whether he likes the IT manager. People have reported bad things about IT. I'm a admin. I agree with him. We have had no consistency from middle management and upper management is old school philosophy. Middle management lacks management skill and technical knowledge. No forward thinking. I doubt CIO will be around much longer.

I have a friend in HR. This friend tells me that I need to speak up in a meeting we are having with the CEO. HR friend claims that the CEO looks at people that don't speak up as complacent and part of the problem. In the meeting w/out management the CEO mentions a long list of things he would like to see change from an IT perspective. I'm the only one that spoke up. I tried my best to explain that we do what we are told and have suggestions but can't force management to follow our suggestions. I did this in a very indirect way obviously I still work for current management.

So my questions - There are many things I still think could change and we could implement all of the changes he would like to see and most we need to do anyway. Do I ask to speak to him w/him directly to go over things I think are issues that can help and to also be more direct about my direct management? Send him an email? Do nothing?

My thoughts are I should at least let him know I care. Honestly he already knows the problems but I think he wants to see someone else in the department actually acknowledge them?




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    I've been here before too. It's hard to know what the right answer is, but experience has taught me this; if change is needed fight for the change. Try making small changes/improvements starting with those that will show quick value or ROI. I would continue to talk to the CEO directly and voice your concerns, but also tell him what you are doing to fix those things. At some point old mgmt is going to get cranky, probably yell at you, blah blah blah....just take it. Eventually things will start to change and the fact that the CEO sees there is a problem and wants change makes your situation a little easier then if it were the CIO who wanted change and the CEO was shooting him down.

    There are essentially two outcomes I've seen in these types of scenarios:

    1) The CEO will see the value in what you are doing and notice the fact that you are the only one will to take initiative. When old management does get fired there is a strong chance you might even get promoted since you were the only "doer" in the department.

    2) Old mgmt will become infuriated that you are going over their head, making changes without their approval, etc. Eventually after some heated conversations and defending yourself they will fire you just because they can to make a point (even if they are on their way out the door as wel).

    While I always hope #1 for everyone it is obviously not always guaranteed. However, you need to ask yourself would you rather play it safe, stay in a job where old mgmt may/may not go, and not be on the CEOs radar? Or would you rather fight for the change, take a chance, and hope that it works out for the best (with maybe a promotion)? If they really had the nerve to fire you over something so petulant you might want to also ask yourself is it worth being in a company that doesn't take change/innovation seriously? CEOs are powerful, but it takes more than one person to make a change...
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    pcgizzmopcgizzmo Member Posts: 127
    Yes. It's scary to think about. Suppose I talk with him? He speaks to my boss about things and my boss ends up changing and making the CEO happy but my boss also knows I went over his head to talk with the CEO. That wouldn't bode well for me. On the other hand if I don't say anything I could very well be lumped in with my boss and his boss and get moved right out the door with them should things come to that with the new CEO.

    I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.
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    I would tell the new CEO that things must be changed in accordance with "The Prophecy". If he asks "What prophecy", shake your head, mumble incoherently and walk out off the room! icon_wink.gif

    Okay, seriously. I would follow NightShade's advice and speak up. Your friend in HR might be able to offer you some protection if your boss throws a hissy fit. Plus, you are liable to make a VERY valuable ally in the new CEO which could be most beneficial to your immediate future.

    Good luck to you!
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