I passed!

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I passed! Got an 809. I thought I would do better, I was very confident going in. The simulations took a lot of time. Some of the questions were hard but a lot of them were straight forward. They did not let me use a calculator so that cost me extra time on some questions. I don't have an infosec background but I have programmed many TCP and UDP sockets in C and have used WireShark for many years. I did not have the Network+ cert either.

I used Darril Gibson's book and read through every chapter carefully, I purchased his online Security+ Study Package, and put in an insane amount of time prepping. I got a 95% on the end of book test, closed book, and I had not reviewed the questions ahead of time. Anyway, I thought the Gibson materials were excellent. I also googled and studied up on a lot of network related subjects just to get a little more solid in those areas.

I watched a lot of Professor Messer Security+ videos on youtube. I learned some good stuff from those and they are free. Darril Gibson also has some excellent videos on youtube too.

I also worked through the SkillSoft computer based Security+ training since I have free access to that at work. The above materials are a better source. But if you have free access working through the SkillSoft is not a bad idea but I would not pay to use the SkillSoft material...


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    Congrats! What is your next certification journey going to be? I am currently studying for the security+, received my Network+ last year.
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    I passed today also! Didn't do as well as I expected but I passed. Got an 816. I was a little shocked considering all the mistakes I had made. Also the simulations took up some time for me as well. I used Darril Gibson's book as my main study material also. Great book! I was given some sample exam questions also which came in handy from a prep course I took at work. The simulations I was told about by a friend of mine and they weren't too bad. Good luck to those who plan to take the exam and if you need any material, let me know and I can send it to you.
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Thanks all. I think I want to step back and get Network+. I would like to be a little more solid in that area. When I got my Security+ score sheet it indicated network areas were where I made mistakes. I also had to go off and study a lot of network stuff to prep for Security+. So Network+ is next.
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    At the time I could not find the book everyone has been reading. Barns n Noble was sold out. INstead I got CompTIA Security+ by Glen E. Clarke. Do you guys think that will work as well? I also have been watching the Professor Messer videos.
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    Congrats! Don't you hate the survey right after the test? Can't they sent it to you via email than right after the test. ugh.
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