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I have completed my 3 years degree in 8 years because of some problems. I have got 4 years of IT experience ( 2 years before completion my Graduation & 2years after my degree ) .I have done ITIL & CCNA Ceritifications as well.

I am preparing for CISSP now. One of my friend told me that I am not eligible for CISSP as I have only 15 years of education. Is that true? Can anyone advice please?

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    The requirement, as I understand it, is 5 years of experience in two or more of the security domains, or 4 years of experience if you hold a certification that is on their approved list (https://www.isc2.org/credential_waiver/default.aspx).
    CCIE Security - this one might take a while...
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    ^ that is correct. You obviously have a degree which means you'll need 4 years of "cumulative paid full-time work experience in two or more of the ten domains of the (ISC)² CISSP CBK" in at least two domains. How much experience do you have?

    If you don't have the experience you can still take the test but can't use the CISSP designation:
    Don't have the experience? Become an Associate of (ISC)² by successfully passing the CISSP exam. You'll have six years to earn your experience to become a CISSP.
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    I do have total 4 years of Exp. My questions are

    1) Will they Consider my 2 years of IT experience before Graduation ?
    2) Is 4 years Degree mandatory for CISSP ? I do have only 3 years degree.
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    Graduation is irrelevant. I finished my BS and graduated in 2012, yet have been doing IT professionally since 1999. The requirement says "direct full-time security professional work experience."

    My educated guess is that if the degree is supposed to be a 4-year one and you finished it early, it's fair game. An example would be a Bachelor's from WGU which people can finish in way less than 4 years. Of course ISC2 has the final word. I would contact them for clarification.
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    Much appreciated. Thanks for that. Can you please confirm me after checking with ISC2. I will start preparing for CISSP only after your reply if I can go for it with 3 years bachelor's degree.
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    Wait what?

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    wait what?

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    There are no requirements to take the CISSP exam. There is also no educational requirement to obtain the full CISSP certification.
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    I have a question regarding this as well.. I have 3 certifications that are in the list, does that mean that it takes 3 years off of the requirements? :D I'm guessing no but it would be great!
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    No. One year max.
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