BGP v IPV6 v EIGRP v OSPF exam topics

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When I look at the recent Cisco exam specifications (dated 2013) I see this:
25% OSPF
5% BGP
15% IPV6
15% Redistribution IPV6 or IPV4
5% Layer 3 path control
5% teleworker and branch services

Most of the exam material is a few years older than this and has a much higher percentage focused on BGP and less on IPV6.

Does anyone have any insight into this ?


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    Layer 3 Path control is 10%. I would follow the pdf, unless you can find a revision to it. CCNP is more based on your internal network, which is why I'm going to go ahead and assume it has a higher weight on EIGRP and OSPF. I have yet to take any exams, but this is just my logic
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    The percentages tell you the number of questions on each topic, and not how much material you need to read to be able to answer those questions.
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    I myself having taken the exam now twice icon_sad.gif Feel this Blue print is dead on. I also started a thread on this same discussion not too long ago as well (so you can get further opinions)

    On that note, because BGP only contains a 5% coverage of the exam I beleive the strong knowlege of BGP will be more required for CCIP instead. I deal with carrier / ISP related issue all the time at my work so I may consider this as a next are to focus a CCNP specialization.
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