First Attempt at CISSP...Nailed it...(18th Feb 2014) - Sydney

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Hey hi friends,

It's my time to contribute to the forum now. Have been waiting for this day since 3 months now.

Well I passed CISSP today 18th Feb 2014. It was my first attempt, have been into InfoSec for about 7 years now. Hmm the whole exam experience was intense, no matter how many quiz questions you study, or practice exams you pass, its no where close to what you get at the exams.

Study, Study and Study more...and try to understand the basics more...How it works, how it differs from other alternatives/improved technologies etc..etc.. :)

Study material used -

Eric Conrad study guide 2nd edition
Eleventh Hour 2nd edition (hmm its ok ok, had ebook version, studied whenever & wherever I could)
Shon Harris 6th edition (for Crypto & Telecom...aahhh also for the exercise exams at the end of all chapters)
Official CBK (read the whole book a week before exams to study contents not covered in rest of the books and as other forum
members mentioned it had good BCP, IPSec content)
CCCure Test Engine (good & informative...did help to grasp many topics like Access Control Models, Crypto etc)

Also had made my own notes prepared while processing all of the above and stuck to it as my Eleventh Hour Revision Guide :)

So after 5 hrs 45 mins, I passed the exam. Very happy, excited but felt completely drained.

Biggest mistake - went to exam without having a goodnight sleep, did put a toll on me...Well I tried to but couldn't coz of my usual nocturnal habits and nervousness of the exam maybe :)

Well all I can say - It was ALL worth it....over to Endorsement now :)

Cheers mate!!!


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