Quest to becoming a Penetration Tester

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Right now i'm on a mission to becoming a penetration tester and landing a job as a pen tester. I have a Linux background and i i can code in python and bash ive worked with windows servers in the past but im going to have to get back up to speed with windows again. Currently i have the following certifications Network+ Security+ Linux+ CLA LPIC-1 LPIC-2 CEH OWSP. by the end of 2014 im looking to getting the following certifications:

CWNA -> taking this one March 1st

I've been going to security conferences as well. Do you guys have any more suggestions that i might have missed ?


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    I can't speak for the CCNP Wireless, but the CCNA Wireless is worthless in my opinion. The CWNA and CWSP combo is probably a lot more relevant if you want to get into the inner workings of wireless communications.

    If you're going for the CISSP, I'm not sure what the benefit of getting the SSCP would be.
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    Why not just OSCP and the OSWE since those are focused on what you want to do? Maybe add in some time with the pentest academy from security tube, and start sending out resumes.
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    I'd also drop the majority of certs from that list. OSCP + CISSP and maybe OSWE would be my choice. LPT, the Cisco ones and SSCP seem pointless. If you are interested in wireless technologies, what docrice suggested is great.
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