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My institution is having many stations which geographically separated. In addition to this they keeps on increasing this is why, I need advice on tools that can be used to facilitate help desk and user support unit to deliver the needed service easily without making unnecessary movements.


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    Sorry but I'm not entirely sure what you are asking.
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    I am asking tools or software which are used to manage and support computer's user remotely without physical access. Sorry for the confusing question.
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    Pc Anywhere
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    Logmein Rescure 123
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    Some form of IPAM (even if it's just current leases)
    An MMC console with the right Snap-Ins
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    Sccm & rdp
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    You can also use to access the remote machines to install any of the above mentioned programs if needed. We use TeamViewer and VNC and both a very good for what you are looking for I believe. Both are also free downloads.

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    Is this help desk for internal employees? I mean, easiest scenario if everyone's on the same network and domain (or at least configure trust if multiple domains) is just make sure some group policies are correct that allow RDP and Remote Assistance, and just use Microsoft's built in RDP/Remote Assistance.

    Others have suggested great 3rd party solutions if you have to go across a WAN or if these end-users are external customers.

    There's a million too. Bomgar and Citrix and Cisco have their own tools too.
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    the problem with is when users are using vista/7/8 and users have the UAC enabled, you can't see that, and they have to be in front of the pc to click on yes or no for you. Also, if there are escalated activities, wont work, the user will have to do the clicking as well...
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