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Hello all,

Just wanted to say hi, and dig into these forums. I'm in the DOD, mid level in information assurance area. I just recently passed my CCNA two weeks ago. It had been something I've been starting and stopping for oh 7 years. My current job has nothing to do with routers/switches so passing didn't do much for me, other than my ego! I have the standard 3 comptia a, net, sec. Seeing as how CASP would be a nice 8570 jump for me, I was thinking of going that route next. Any advice on that? My eventual goal is the lofty CISSP or CISM. I haven't yet decided, as I don't know much about either exam. Other than the CISSP salary is nice, and the test is grueling. I'm also considering PMP. The problem is I have 5-7 years of experience, so I would have to get an associate cert on some of them.

So, is the CASP a worthwhile stop on the way to one of the either two?

Lastly, are there any good free resources out there for the CASP?


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    Having done both, I would just go straight for CISSP. There is a lot of overlap in the material, and I dont think it would take you much longer to study for CISSP. Others may have different experiences, but the CASP hasn't really done anything for my career. You already have the years of experience, so my reccomendation would be to skip CASP.
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    If you're in the DOD, you should have a Safaribooks online subscription free right? That would be a good free resource for either if so...
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    I totally forgot about Safari. How about youtube or such a beast? I know there were some fantastic CCNA channels out there, any for casp/cism? I know i can do a search out there, but I don't want to be lead the wrong way.

    edit or any good Security channels
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    For DoD I would say the CASP would be easier to get. Sure the domains might overlap but CASP you can read the Sybex book and pass (assuming you understand the material). From what I understand people study 6 months to a year for CISSP and still fail. CASP might not do anything for you in the civilian world but it cover a lot for 8570.
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    I tend to agree with SigSoldier, I would go for the CISSP, since it holds more value in the DOD realm (and likely beyond) than the CASP. I'm also DOD and passed the CISSP in November and I am scheduling to take the CISM in June so I will be studying for that until then. I actually take the CCNA next Monday so after that all of my attention will be on the CISM until June most likely.

    With the study resources available for the CISSP and the great posts on TechExams, you can certainly pass it if you put in the study time for a few months.
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    FedVTE is a free resource for military and civilians with labs and videos.
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    I would agree CISSP would probably do more career-wise, but if you obtain CISSP if you have the extra bucks I'd knock out CASP as well for the additional resume add. If your in some job consideration where it comes down to a difficult choice showing some additional verification of your knowledge could be helpful.
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    I agree with ThePawofRizzo, I think it is being listed as the same level cert as the cissp as of right now. Although I notice alot of employers are saying Cissp or Casp plus a Os cert. In my opinion they are both good certs, the casp will be attainable in a shorter amount of time.
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