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This has been the weirdest month for me. I recently had an interview for a security analyst position. A week before the interview I received an email from the Security Manager, stating the date and time, and that I also needed to be prepare to answers some Introductory Security questions. I had to answers questions, and explain material I study 7 months ago, but I still did well. The boss was very impress. This should give you brain dumpers something to think about. You can’t brain **** an interview. Oh yeah, you can throw out multiple choice too. Either you know you stuff, are you going to look and sound like an idiot.


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    Yeah, fortunately companies are getting smarter in verifying whether a candidate will meet their expectations of the certs and other resume.
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    Good words!

    Did you get the job????
    i remain, he who remains to be....
  • Hey, nice certification. I would love to know more about cwne. What kinds of things did you use to get that?
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    Wireless-guru turned out to be someone who has been banned a long time ago for flooding the forums with all kinds of nasty stuff.

    Btw, the CWNE exam is not yet available...
  • I didn't think it was...
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    haha...I was about to login and bust him out before I read your post....haha...what an idiot. I will set him up a technical interview... icon_wink.gif


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    Way to go Johan, like Kenny, I was getting ready to pop this clown also. CWNE sent up a red flag as soon as I saw it. Man it's good to know you're all over these guys like him.
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    Ha thanks guys. The funny thing is that this guy once received some imho constructive critisism about his bad spelling/grammar, and that is exactly what gave him away. Normally when someone beats our ban system and I notice it I let it slide, assuming they will behave more professional. Some just go too far though. It's one of the least pleasant tasks of my job, but in the end I think it helps the forums.
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