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I am currently Security + and ITIL Foundations certified and interested in Linux + for my next certification.

I have some experience with Ubuntu and Mint. For study purposes, I spun up two VMs: Ubuntu and Centos. Wow, I may like Centos the best, that's a heck of an OS.

I plan to complete the professor mess or videos and then the Sybex book. Is that sufficient to pass? How difficult is Linux +? I think you have to get 38/60 questions to pass. Any other study material I should use? How many months should I study for? Any material in particular most important to be proficient with?


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    I've only just completed the first part of the Linux+ exam, but nevertheless here's my two cents. I started by reading the Sybex book and although it does pretty much cover every topic that you need to know for the exam, it was also quite dull to read.

    After reading the section for part 1 of the exam (Sybex book), I got myself a subscription for where they have a video of each and every topic that is in the syllabus. They also have a summary sheet listing all the important commands (and options) that you need to know for the LX0-101 exam - which in my case was very helpful.
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    after checking out there website i am leaning in that direction and the price is good to
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    I just passed the 101 exam. I spent way too long trying to find good resources to study for this test. I read three books (including the Sybex book), and watched training videos from the major cbt companies and came away feeling more disoriented than anything. I discovered by reading a post on here. I know for a fact if you go through the sections watch all the videos, do the labs, take the quizzes and memorize the study guide you will have no issues passing; it's a highly targeted and relevant outline for the test. I passed with an 700/800 last week. They also just announced a partnership with comptia and offer discounted vouchers.
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    How long did you guys study for the exam using the linux academy?
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    OmniMan wrote: »
    How long did you guys study for the exam using the linux academy?

    Speaking only from the experience of doing the first part of the Linux+ exam, I would say that I've spent approximately two months studying for the exam. Then again, I also covered the required material using the Sybex book along with the linux academy material.

    However, I believe that the material available on linux academy is enough for you to pass the exam. If you study the Summary Sheet that is available and know all of the commands and the various options you will have no trouble passing the exam.
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    Yea, I agree with the above. I took about a month and a half once I joined LinuxAcademy to take and pass the exam. Focus on the material they give you and you will do fine. Memorize the study guide and notes, Known package manager options, Regex, shell commands, and FHS.
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