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just passed my OS exams with a modest mark of 619, I wsih I had made more than that,but thank God its over,I have never been this nervous about any exam. for anyone taking the exam I suggets studying not just for the exam but try to have a good grasp of how the many OSs works as the exam is more of a subtle quiz of the differences between the different OSs.

I want to thank everybody here for the optimism that is evident in every posts here.This site has been a big resource to me.Lets keep it up!

Now am moving to N+, I have a sybex study guide by David Broth and a video series from career academy,does anyone have another suggetsion of any study guides/CBT...

To full prepare for the N+ I want to have most OS installed,I have an XP Home and I can see that these test are based on XP pro,I want to add a hardrive and install 98,NT,2000 and XP Pro if possible mess with Linux, is it possible to do this in the same system or do I need to build another system.

Does anyone know where to get these OS for a good deal..am thinking of Ebay..any ideas
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    You don't need 9x (unless you really want to practice winipcfg ;)) or 2000 for the Network+ exam, XP pro alone will do. Linux is useful, and if you want a complete set get (access to) a Mac as well.
    is it possible to do this in the same system or do I need to build another system.
    You can dual-boot Linux and XP on a single system (install XP first) or you can use VMWare or Microsoft Virtual PC to create a virtual machine for each OS. That's A+ OS stuff btw. ;)
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    That's wonderful! :)

    Time to celebrate! icon_bounce.gif
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    Congrats. Good luck on your Net+.
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    Congratulations :)
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    Congrats on the pass!
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