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Took and passed exam today!

It was a toss up at the end, thankfully my printout said "Congratulations" instead of showing my Score.

Materials Used:
Sunflower - very good quick overview and refresher of the domains
Shon Harris 6th ed.
Eric Conrad's 11th Hour
Downloaded all .mp3's of the domains from (These were extremely helpful)

Study Method:
Listened to cybersecstudy .mp3's in the car at the gym, pretty much everywhere. Took several CCCure quizzes to identify weaknesses. Went through Shon Harris book for in-depth study of weak areas. Went over CCCure Scenario Questions. Memorized all Crypto Algorithms and attributes. Reviewed alot of Access Control and BCP/DRP questions. Read through Conrad's book over the last three days. Set my benchmark to be at 80% on the CCCure queizzes before I scheduled the exam. I have 15 years experience in the industry and the test still through me for a loop.


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    Congrats! Great feeling, right?

    Sounds like you had a good study plan and put in the time. That is all that really matters when it comes to passing the CISSP.
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    Congrats adc! I just received the conformation email today that confirms my endorsement and makes me official!
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    Congrats!!!!! Great Milestone Achieved!!!

    Could you please guide is it worth to study ISC(2) Official CBK and which practice test has to follow and would be helpful towards exam.
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    Any comments or suggestions for people who are yet to sit for the exam?
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    Congrats! I went to CyberSecStudy and listened to a tape. True, it was one tape only; but, it seemed like pretty much this one fellow was just reading down a list of key terms; giving their definition; and moving on. Granted, understanding terms is necessary and important. At the same time, if this is what the rest of that audio is like, I wonder how it is any better than Shon Harrir's Audio. I listened to a number of her tapes (which I found a link to with her book of questions, which I bought off Amazon). She gives you terms and also some explanations and (even occasionally, interesting real-life) analogies. Just thought I'd ask. Maybe that cyber sec fellow has a more exhaustive list (in audio) so that they are both complementary or something...

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