Passed A+, what next?

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I bought my A+ Mike meyers textbook exactly 5 weeks ago and as of this past Saturday I passed A+ 802
my scores were A+ 801 824 and A+ 802 was a 838, I was surprised with both scores because I was very nervous and anxious on both. Used PM to study as well.

What is the next logical test to look at? I have been considering MTA 98-349 and then taking MSCA 70 680 since I want to work in a desktop support role hopefully for a few years to gain experience. I know a lot of people on these forums go straight to net+ though so I'm curious what I should look at? Is net+ something I really need for help desk/desktop support? I have no work experience currently but do need a full time job and I eventually want to get a BS or some degree that holds some weight but WGU requires work experience I believe. I have a AS in criminal justice.

Few people told me MTA not worth it if I have A+, I was also considering just getting a MOS certification just because I'm seeing a lot of listings asking for people proficient in office 2010/2013 and don't think it would be very hard/


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    Frequently, yes, folks will get the trio, A+, NET+ and SEC+ before moving forward.

    What you do will depend on where you want to go with your career and what type of problems you enjoy working with (and are good at solving). If you are not going to be working on networks and will be handling workstations and maybe the occasional server (but likely not) then A+ and some OS type certs will be helpful.

    I would work on gaining some type of experience. Start volunteering at non-profits and/or see if you can job-shadow someone willing to take you on and a 'free' or really cheap internship. If you are bothering to go for a full degree in IT, then I would put less effort into certs at the moment, but not forget them completely.

    I always considered the MOS exams, but never did simply because they rarely come-up and I am proficient in Office and office-like products to assist my customers.
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    Thanks for the input, I think at this point I'm going to look into studying for Security+ or MTA and then work on MSCA W7. I know everyone seems to do Net+ but I'm not really sure if I want to do anything Network related.. and if I do I would probably just go towards CCNA and use my local community colleges networking 6month class as prep since it states it prepares for CCNA.

    I'm going to see if I nail a internship or part time job over the summer working at one of the local towns board of education. I've already seen some postings where they are looking for people to image machines over the summer and install new ones/get everything up to date. I know a friend who did this over the summer last year for 3months, didn't pay great but some experience is really what I need to add to my resume. Hopefully these listings keep appearing, I can't really apply for a job ATM due to commitments to a 10 hour/ week internship and afternoons a week to finish my AS until the third week of May.
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    Congrats on pass! icon_thumright.gif
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    net+ will help a lot if u wanna go for ccna or mcsa
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    Congrats on the pass icon_thumright.gif
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    It all depends on what your interested in. I would recommend CCENT, CCNA because its in high demand however its a test group that you can't take lightly. :)

    Good luck
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    Hi Congrats on your A+ Cert!
    In reference to WGU I spoke with an enrollment counselor back in November and I was told that all that is needed to get into the IT program is your A+ Cert. if you have no experience. You may want to look into that if your still interested in getting a degree. Best of Luck!
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    hi, how are you?, congrats
    how did you prepare and study and what materials did you use?
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    congrats on the pass.

    And useful info Wiz
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