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Hi there,
I will be testing tomorrow. I was wondering if anyone knows if at the test site do they generally allow you to bring food and drink in to the site?


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    The test site I went to allowed me to bring some snacks and beverage, so long as it was stored in one of their lockers. When I took my break, I was able to get my snack and beverage while sitting in their reception area. The actual food / beverage wasn't allowed in the room where I was taking my test.

    That being said, your best bet is to contact the facility you'll be testing at and ask them directly. Some places may not permit food or drink, or have any place to store it.
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    I was able to brink a protein shake and a protein bar.

    I had to lock them up in my locker and if I wanted them, I had to take a break to go get them.

    I thought about trying to eat them at the 2 hour mark, but the locker was stuck and I decided to just go in and finish the test rather than wait.

    Good luck tomorrow! Go knock it out!
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