Itil malc exam - appearing in 3 weeks - need help

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Dear All

Thanksfor all the support so far.

I have completed SOA & RCV by end of 2015 and now completed OSA (Feb2016) & PPO (March2016).

I have now the MALC training & exam in 3 weeks time. Since ITIL MALC is very hard so I want to just do some self study and preparation + practices before the actual training starts.

Pls guide me some starting pointers for GOOD LEARNING and TIPS & TRICKS to score well in the exam.

Thanks in advance to all.

C Saha


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    After MALC exam I have wrote this:

    My suggestions:

    1. Read case study carefully - twice if needed
    2. Learn (understand) interfaces between Lifecycle phases - SS - SD; SS - ST, SS - SO, SS - CSI, and so on.
    3. Accent on CSI (Register, KPI, CSF, Service and Process Improvement) and Service Strategy
    4. Gap analysis, Potter, V-Model, Risk Management (not ITIL process, but you have to relate Risks to SD processes, SWOT, SDP, Communication, BRM role and process)
    5. Forget previous IT/Organizational experience when reading case study or answering questions. Universal truth is in case study in front of you.
    6. Good luck!

    Maybe those suggestions will be helpful to you.
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    Dear Baptista

    Thanks a lot ... At this point all the information are helpful as I am just starting.

    C Saha
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