Completely Overwhelmed

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I've posted earlier in the month in MCSE, but realized I need to go back to the basics. So here it is

I was just laid off a month ago after 5+ years with the same firm. I was senior desktop support, jr. system admin, IT manager, and everything in between

]I started looking for new work and I am losing my sh*t because I am realizing I don't know squat. I have more than 10 years of IT experience, but no certifications. And I am not even looking to get certified, although I will, as much as just learning new things. I started with MCSE, but I realized that I don't know much about Microsoft's way of doing things. I was mostly learning everything on the job and never had the chance to study the official way of doing things. I am very quick learner and I do love and understand technology, but I've realized how much I don't know. I am starting with Windows 7 right as it's still widely used in many environments.

]I guess I am trying to figure out how did I manage all these years without knowing so much of the MS world? I was able to work for a very long time with the knowledge I acquired on the job, but I am looking through the Windows 7 Admin book and I am just depressed. I don't know a lot about deploying Windows 7 the Microsoft way. I've worked in VMware environment and there was a much different way (VMware View) to deploy Windows OS to users. I do have a home lab and I am going to dive into heavily. I am also feeling the burn out. So much information that I am trying to cram into my head in a short period of time.

]Do you think my experience on the job will get me through and help me get a job while I am still studying? I don't want to be without a job for too long, but I don't want to take a huge pay cut either because I can't get hired for a job that requires advanced skills according to Microsoft. Are employers looking for someone who knows everything by the book or are they looking for someone who can get it done, regardless of knowledge?[

Any thoughts, advice, would be greatly appreciated. I am seriously worried, stressed, and overwhelmed. It's disheartening going from thinking that you are pretty knowledgable to thinking you're a freaking idiot


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    I have been in your boat before and I will give you what helped me

    1. Apply for jobs similar or above what you did - Since you have 10 years of experience you should really be ok. most jobs require either certs or the equivalent experience.

    2. Take a step back and breathe. - We have all gotten laid off... IT is just like that sometimes... you will be ok and everything is going to work out... continue to apply apply apply.... even if you don't get any calls for weeks... keep putting yourself out there and keep applying, calling, and pushing... its like fishing... keep casting your line till you get a bite...

    3. Take this time to learn it the Microsoft way.... Use Microsofts website, youtube, cybrary (all free) to learn how to do it. Since you have a lab.,.. Lab it up...

    4. Sell yourself - Take that 10 years of experience and re format your resume to focus on your strengths... You have done a few things in 10 yrs and you should focus on that.


    5. Its ok. We are all here to lend advice or a hand. and feel free to PM anyone on this forum im sure everyone on here would be more then willing to give advice and feedback.

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    Your experience will help tremendously! I've worked at a handful a companies and each has "their" way of doing things. Don't think just because you read that Microsoft recommends "this" way of deploying things that companies follow that. Most companies do whatever is the cheapest... Or maybe some manager set up one of doing things a decade ago and the company has done it that certain way for years. And these ways almost never follow Microsoft's recommend way exactly.

    Your experience managing and dealing random issues over the course of your time at your previous position should stand out during interviews when you are asked questions. Start applying and start coming up with stories on how you solved a bunch of different tough issues or how you lead your team in certain projects or how you improved processes to save time (aka money).

    Best of luck!
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