2960s Unable to Boot

zoro_2009zoro_2009 Posts: 26Member ■□□□□□□□□□
Hi everyone,

I am here stuck with a new 2960s that won't boot, I don't know what I did to mess the config so badly, but the switch just won't boot up !

It loads the image then hangs right here:
File "flash:/c2960s...." uncompressed and installed, entry point: 0x3000

then all the lights on the switch goes dark and stays where it is !

What I did:
* Formattted flash:
* Change IOS to 15.0(2)SE6
* Re-formatted flash:
* Change IOS to 15.0(2)SE9
* Re-re-formatted flash:
* Restore the original one

Always hangs in the same point ! "entry point: ex3000 executing ..."

Any help would much appreciated !
Thanks !


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