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I'm currently indexing my books for GCIH and would like to sit for the exam soon. I took the on demand path with John Strand. I've gone through the videos 3 times and listened once and am in the indexing process. At the end of book 1 there is an appendix with a intro to linux section. Does anyone know if this needs to be indexed? I'm looking to save some time if possible. Thanks for any insight.


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    There are questions related to Linux on the test. Not sure if that specific section may help with any of the answers. I took the test yesterday and think I remember going back there to look for some answers I was unsure of, but don't think I found anything.
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    Thanks for the input, I ended up going through and highlighting some things, as opposed to putting it fully in the index
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    Everyone's indexing method is different, and I wanted to offer what I did to reduce the amount of time flipping through pages. I bought tabs from an office supply store and placed one on every 10th page and numbered them; 10, 20, 30, etc. This way, when I looked at the page reference, I didn't have too much guess work in getting to the right page. Looking for page 123? Grab the tab for page 120, and just flip a couple more pages. In addition, I made tabs for topics, and placed those along the top. This way if you missed something in your index, you were not totally lost on where to find a topic, such as buffer overflows, for example.
    Make sure you go through the day 6 exercise a couple times. If you can do the steps without much referencing, you should be in good shape.
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    That's a pretty cool idea to tab every 10th page. It's always interesting to see the different strategies people use on their index.
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    I am taking this class as well. The instructor told me that everything in the books can be in the test.
    I hope this helps.

    I am working on my index as well. I have to make it a bit shorter .... and kill this exam.
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    My default answer would be to index the Linux section. If you are experienced in that area, maybe you can not include as much from this section.
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    I wouldn't index the Linux portion. Its an appendix and there for a reference for people. Not the focus of the exam. I didn't index the Linux section.
    IaHawk wrote: »
    My default answer would be to index the Linux section. If you are experienced in that area, maybe you can not include as much from this section.
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